Our Services

Below you'll find some examples of the sort of work we can do for you. However, you may have a job or requirement that is not listed or explained below. Don't worry - we can help! Just contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

  • Fuse Board Changes:
    A fuse board change involves replacing an old fuse board with a new one. Typically the old board will be a fuse wire or 'blade' fuse type arrangement, and the new board will be a modern 'trip switch' RCD/MCP based board. The modern style fuse boards offer a much greater safety benefit and reduce the risk to you and your family of accidental electrocution and smoldering electrical fires. 
  • Additional Sockets:
    If you need additional sockets adding to your house then we can help! We can replace single sockets with double sockets for you, or run brand new sockets in rooms where you don't have enough mains sockets available. We can also run/add new sockets into extensions and outbuildings.
  • Garden Power / Lighting:
    We can run armoured cable or add a fused spur to allow you to have outdoor garden power or lighting, including the wiring for pond motors, pumps and underwater lighting.
  • Landlord Safety Certificates:
    As a landlord you are probably aware that you need a yearly health check of your electrical circuits. We provide landlord safety inspections/certificates at a very competitive price - why not give us a call for a quote?
  • Re-wiring / rewires:
    We can undertake re-wiring, from the whole house to an extension or ring main. We use the very best quality cable and materials to ensure that your new wiring stands the test of time
  • Electrical fault finding:
    Do you have wiring problems such as faulty sockets, flickering lights or fuses that keep blowing? We are experts at electrical fault finding and can diagnose and fix your mains electrical issues.
  • Alarm systems:
    As well as mains electrical work, our team are also skilled in wiring and installing burglar alarm systems for your home or office premises.